4 Main Typography Mistakes You Can Make When Creating Your Own Logo Using Free Logo Maker Generator

4 Main Typography Mistakes You Can Make When Creating Your Own Logo Using Free Logo Maker Generator

For new business owners, applying typography in a logo can sound like an easy task. It’s not. In fact, choosing the wrong typeface can ruin all your logo-making effort. First-time logo makers think that applying typography is about selecting any typeface they come across, change the color, adjust the size, and they are good to go. That’s where they make a big mistake. A lot more goes into implementing typography, and it starts by avoiding the following errors:

Mixing up two similar fonts won’t do you any favors when using free logo maker software

Some logo designers think that mixing two similar fonts will make their logos stand out. It won’t. In fact, it will make your logo look weird. And today’s savvy customers can construe an odd looking logo as lack of professionalism. No customer will want to deal with an unprofessional business owner.

Without knowledge of typeface psychology, you might not create a great logo with logo maker generator

To be able to create an impactful logo, you must know the psychology of typefaces. In other words, you must get attuned to how Serif, San Serif, modern, Script, as well as display typefaces and their fonts, are properly utilized to impact customers. For example, different types of Sans Serif Fonts have different meanings. The Times New Roman depicts tradition, Baskerville depicts reliability, and Georgia Italic depicts comfort.

Implementing overused fonts can negatively impact your logo when using logo maker generator to create it

While there are different kinds of fonts out there, some are so common that they have become cliché. Therefore, using them will not give your logo a sense of uniqueness. The fact that they have been overused makes them downright annoying. Examples of fonts that have been overused include Trajan, Sans Basic, Arial, Comic Sans and more. When you intend to attract the attention of your audience or emphasize a point with your logo, these fonts are no longer your answer.

Using more than 3 different fonts is a common mistake when making a logo using logo maker generator

Expert logo designers advice that you use only one font or a maximum of two when designing your logo. Exceeding that number will make your font unappealing.


Many business owners overlook the aspect of typography when designing their logo yet it’s critical to creating an impactful logo. If you truly want to create a professional and unique looking logo, desist from making these typography mistakes.